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Dear writer, just a little expansion on my requests

If you just can't wait:-
Here are some general points that would apply to most things I read.
I like plotty things, but that's not easy in a short work. I like the filling in of plot patterns, filling in the background to the canon foreground happenings. I like what happened before and slices of what may happen after. I like a tiny AU aspect that fits into canon; so not a coffeshop AU, but rather the impact of a coffee machine in Erewhon.
I have a weakness for puns and wordplay so it might help to know that I'm British and that's where my vocabulary and idioms come from.
I'm fine with gen and with shipping though I'd prefer nothing explicit as it's so easy to not quite hit the spot. Also I suspect that my head cannon of several of the fandoms I'm thinking of this year is "never quite got round to it, despite the attraction".

Aubrey-Maturin Series - Patrick O'Brian
Jack Aubrey
Stephen Maturin

I'm quite happy if you want to include, or even foreground, Sophie and Diana, but it is Jack and Stephan's "We're almost married" relationship that intrigues me. I don't think they do have an admitted sexual relationship, but perhaps their wives think they do.
I do like all the sea-going talk especially when Stephan gets it wrong. And Stephan as a spy; he seems so much all at sea( so to speak) that it's hard to reconcile with his ruthlessness and efficiency at a pinch.
I think that though it was in the books I'd like to avoid torture and too much death. Painful though they are I do like Jack's puns.

Chronicles of Amber - Roger Zelazny
Corwin son of Faiella
Merlin son of Corwin


I don't think they ever met, but did they influence each other? Did they try to impress with long distance one-up-manship?
I read all the Amber novels as they came out and since I started as a teen-ager they made a big impression on me. I love the (literal) world building and the different ways Corwin and Merlin interact with reality.
Where was Corwin when Merlin grew up? How much of Merlin's machinations are to impress his father? Are they antagonists?

Archer (Cartoon)
Cheryl Tunt
Malory Archer
Pam Poovey

It's an office! Office politics would delight me.
I don't think this canon can support deep thoughts and character studies. It amuses me with all the jockeying for position, and inept back stabbing together with flashes of altruism.

Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Die!
Ray Lomas (Old greaser)
Dead Beat (Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Die!)


There could be so much more conversation than that in "From a Dead Beat to an Old Greaser" I'm sure they just talk past each other, but the two worlds had more in common, from our view point now, than could be seen at the time or even from 1976.


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