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I caught a pikachu in a party hat. :)

I thought I wasn't going get one before they go away. I've planed to launch a lucky egg tomorrow when I should get the 7-day bonus. I have a mass egg hatch due in 150m so I can't wander around in case they hatch too soon. Why yes, I do belong to team overthinkers.

But, a pikachu in the back garden. ♥
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I have a long train journey tomorrow and I have been goodprudent. My phone is filled with the shorter offerings so that I have no excuse not to read them.

Feel for me.


May. 9th, 2015 03:47 pm
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I think I've been in denial, but I don't seem to be waking from it, so, "Bugger!" it is.
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I saw comet Lovejoy again tonight, but I've chickened out of setting up the camera. It's unexpectedly clear and so colder than predicted.

Sometime in the next fortnight I must brave the night and get a few shots.
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I should have posted this yesterday when I took it, but never mind.
May Blossom

Each year I look for may blossom on May Day. When I was young I didn't find it each year, but it's become easier and easier over the years. Sometimes I found an open flower in April, and lately a week or so before I would expect to.

This blossom was open in March. Only a few knots and this is a tree that I know flowers early, but that's too early. Soon the game will be to find flowers still open for May Day.
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Pegman! PEGMAN!! And it WAVED at me!

Can no one at google remember clippy et al?

I might accept the new google maps for the terrain view, but there had better be a way to disable pegman. <Glowers>
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Merry Christmas to all celebrating and Season's Greetings to everyone else.

May you make many happy memories.
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This is just a copy of the sign up prompts to be expanded on in the next few days. But at least it's started.

• Request 1
Aubrey-Maturin Series - Patrick O'Brian
• Samuel Mputa
I'd just like to know more about Sam: his early life, his progress through the church, his attempts to meet Jack, Sophie's reaction, his cousins' reaction ( though they do seem very self -absorbed), or did he keep corresponding with Stephen. Any of these scenes or something else, all would be good.
I'd prefer it if you kept to the canon setting/time, but since you like the AOS you may be able to convince me with an AU. I have a secret fondness for AOS in space.

• Request 2
The Church Mice Series - Graham Oakley
• Arthur (The Church Mice)
• Humphrey (The Church Mice)
It's not that I don't want to hear about the vicar and Sampson, I first read the books for Sampson, but I do want to hear about the mice's adventures; they are so individual.
If you could write a small slice of their bickering and plotting I would be delighted.
Gen, I think for this fandom, and only gentle peril.

• Request 3
Earthsea - Ursula K. Le Guin
• Ogion (Earthsea)
There are hints of Ogion's early life and I should like to know more. Or maybe when Tenar came to him and lived as an island girl. It seems I'm asking for more of the story to be expanded on rather than anything new, but if that is where your muse takes you then I'll still enjoy reading it.


Nov. 4th, 2012 12:33 pm
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18 words written. Yay!

Thank you so much for the requests. Co-incidentally one matches one of my request fandoms, but it's another that is already growing in my mind.

Note to self: review canon before getting too far along.
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Dear writer, just a little expansion on my requests

If you just can't wait:-
Here are some general points that would apply to most things I read.
I like plotty things, but that's not easy in a short work. I like the filling in of plot patterns, filling in the background to the canon foreground happenings. I like what happened before and slices of what may happen after. I like a tiny AU aspect that fits into canon; so not a coffeshop AU, but rather the impact of a coffee machine in Erewhon.
I have a weakness for puns and wordplay so it might help to know that I'm British and that's where my vocabulary and idioms come from.
I'm fine with gen and with shipping though I'd prefer nothing explicit as it's so easy to not quite hit the spot. Also I suspect that my head cannon of several of the fandoms I'm thinking of this year is "never quite got round to it, despite the attraction".

Aubrey-Maturin Series - Patrick O'Brian
Jack Aubrey
Stephen Maturin

I'm quite happy if you want to include, or even foreground, Sophie and Diana, but it is Jack and Stephan's "We're almost married" relationship that intrigues me. I don't think they do have an admitted sexual relationship, but perhaps their wives think they do.
I do like all the sea-going talk especially when Stephan gets it wrong. And Stephan as a spy; he seems so much all at sea( so to speak) that it's hard to reconcile with his ruthlessness and efficiency at a pinch.
I think that though it was in the books I'd like to avoid torture and too much death. Painful though they are I do like Jack's puns.

Chronicles of Amber - Roger Zelazny
Corwin son of Faiella
Merlin son of Corwin


I don't think they ever met, but did they influence each other? Did they try to impress with long distance one-up-manship?
I read all the Amber novels as they came out and since I started as a teen-ager they made a big impression on me. I love the (literal) world building and the different ways Corwin and Merlin interact with reality.
Where was Corwin when Merlin grew up? How much of Merlin's machinations are to impress his father? Are they antagonists?

Archer (Cartoon)
Cheryl Tunt
Malory Archer
Pam Poovey

It's an office! Office politics would delight me.
I don't think this canon can support deep thoughts and character studies. It amuses me with all the jockeying for position, and inept back stabbing together with flashes of altruism.

Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Die!
Ray Lomas (Old greaser)
Dead Beat (Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Die!)


There could be so much more conversation than that in "From a Dead Beat to an Old Greaser" I'm sure they just talk past each other, but the two worlds had more in common, from our view point now, than could be seen at the time or even from 1976.
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Look what I got:-

Why is LJ planing to purge my Dreamwidth account?

It looks as though it's an open ID account, but that was a horrible moment or two there.

Cross posted by hand to
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It's international book week*. The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence. Don't mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your post.
From [personal profile] lexin and others.

"I firmly believed that an egalitarian society was dawning, but I also thought that the trains, for example, in this better society ought to run better, and the militants around me were not learning to shovel coal into the furnace, work the switches, or draw up time tables."

My inner editor substituted points for switches and I had to go back and change it. Bad editor.
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The Perseids (why do you think I mean "pesetas", spell chequer?) should be at a maximum tonight. Generally they will be best in the small hours, just after midnight. I shall be napping in the garden.

I saw two last night while standing outside 'bout half-past ten. I hadn't been out long so I wouldn't have had particularly good night vision and there were street lights in view, so it augurs well for tonight. One was a nice bright meteor, but the second left a trail about 1/3 of a thumbs width (say 10 seconds of arc) with sharply defined edges. My companions wondered why I squeaked! Sadly it soon went behind a roof top so I really only got a flash and the trail as I looked toward it. Brightest trail I've seen though.

Happy sky watching.

ETA: 01:54 Not only did it cloud over but it also got foggy. Star gazing abandoned.
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AuroraWatch UK have given another red alert for tonight. Last week it was cloudy here, but it looks hopeful for tonight. Well, hopeful as it can be as we're rather far south to see anything.

And Venus and Jupiter will still be up so it's worth star gazing tonight.

ETA: Cloudy again. Bah!
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Jess gave me a dragon*

page breaking pic here )

smaller pic here )

I didn't mean to catch the rabbit/hare too, but I think it's cute with him peeping in from the edge.

Wrote gragon at first; a more mysterious beast.

Edit to swap order of images. I think this will mean that the smaller picture can be displayed without the big one showing on LiveJournal.
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There were 999 when I went to check if there were any in the fandom of my submitted story, and now there are 1000.

Good luck to everyone making last minute corrections (or finishing a first draft) to beat the deadline.
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Yuletide story still not done*, but I have found all my usb memory sticks.

Oh shiny!

Dec. 13th, 2011 12:20 pm
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Newton's notebooks there to read on-line.

I love my university. ♥

And let's not forget Philosophical Transactions courtesy of the Royal Society.


Nov. 25th, 2011 09:01 pm
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We have photo-voltaic panels on our roof! But the days are short and installation wasn't finished till after sunset so:
  • Not photos of finished installation yet
  • No power generation yet
  • We don't actually know that it works

    Progress photos will be added when I can get the uploader to work. I may have to cross post to LJ, add photos, and import back to DW. Any way there will be photos.

    I need a Sun icon. Have a sunny crocus instead.
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    I was totally indulged on my birthday; big white towels that I can wrap myself up in and smaller soft black towels that are the thickest and softest I think I've ever used.

    And a new camera. I really have to admit that my camera is several years old, has rather odd habits in its focusing, and takes worse pictures than my £15 phone. I'm not sure I'm in control of my new one yet. To put it another way, I sure I'm not in control yet. And, to freak me out even more, I just registered it and got an email back telling me to "Update the lens firmware". I've only just come to terms with camera firmware and now my lenses are intelligent?
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    Dear Writer

    I solemnly promise to put something useful here once I've settled on my requests and offers. Something about my general likes in fiction.

    So many fandoms...

    I think I shall procrastinate by putting my earlier Yuletide woks on AO3.

    Discworld - Terry Pratchett with Carrot Ironfoundersson  Angua von Uberwald

    I think I'd like to know how their relationship, personal and/or professional, develops, or not, down the years. How long does a werewolf live anyway? Or a dwarf by adoption? If you'd rather focus on one incident, that's fine.

    Canterbury Tales - Geoffrey Chaucer
    no characters selected

    Well, I'd like another tale by another pilgrim, but that is immensely greedy. So banter between pilgrims about existing tales, extensions told privately one pilgrim to another (perhaps the wife of Bath has more to say less publicly), a pilgrim with a tale that they are too shy to tell or their private thoughts on those that are told. What about pilgrims' discussion with their family before they left, or their reports on return. Perhaps they retold a tale with many amendments for their children, but not too skilfully.
    I hope you can tell I'd be pleased with pretty much anything.

    Saiyuki Gaiden
    I really , really want to know more about the bureaucracy in heaven. Do they have action plans? SMART targets? Professional development? Does the Merciful Goddess hold appraisal meetings? I may have been exposed to too much management theory in my life; Is this where it all came from?
    If you don't find corporate-speak funny. I quite understand, there just needs to be more of the Gaiden world.

    Last of the Wine - Mary Renault  Thalia Alexias
    How did they mourn Lysis?

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    It's a lovely sunny day (it would be a good summer day, but it's stupendous for the end of October) and the grass has grown a little, so I thought I'd mow it. (This is only the fifth time this year it's been so dry.)

    Turning round at the edge, I fell in the pond.

    I have announced my intention to cease lawn mowing and am drying off inside. Those shoes (currently dripping on the washing line) will never be the same again.

    Also I have lost both lens holding screws from my reading glasses and only just found one of the lenses. Is their anything more pathetic than a grown woman reading wearing a pair of glasses with one lens missing?
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