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I could have sworn I'd deleted my Etsy account early this year when they went all stalkery.
We recently launched a new feature, Circles, that lets you connect with other people on Etsy. When you add someone to your Etsy circle, you can follow along with their favorites in your activity feed. It's illuminating!

Right now it's hard to find people you know on Etsy, and that's sad. Well, we're changing that. We're making it easy to connect your email address book to Etsy, so we can find people you know who are also members.

Today I got an email saying "Deeper Integration With Your Social Network " and "Full Names on Etsy" and it seems I still have an account since I could sign on and check that I'd never given my full name.

There is no escape, we will share every detail of your life with the world our advertisers.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] new_kate.

May your day be exciting, but not too exciting.
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Best <a href=>use of a riot shield</a> yet.

And have an <a href=>antidote</a> to the pontificating by the great and good.

both via several people
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eathquakes and horrors )

Give away of the day seem to have something that may be useful today. Angle's Vox which keeps note of where you stopped in an audio file - more than one at once if you want - and other playback controls.

It doesn't seem to have done anything untoward to my laptop though I installed the portable version.

If you don't know GAOTD, you need to download and install on the day it's offered. It checks back home when you install to check the time is okay, but I think that's all it does.
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Yesterday I had a banner alert about downtime.
Today I have an ad for gamesimage... ) and I am displeased.

Read more... )
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For some reason I lost all the tool/menu bars in photo-paint except the colour palette. Lots of space to work but I am now limited to the keyboard short cuts I remember.

Many others on the interweb seem to have had the same problem, but I only found one solution (from someone who found a more helpful Corel person than me)in an old forum page. Original author doesn't seem to be contactable anymore.
Finally found someone at Corel who told me how to reset to the factory default... She said this works with any Corel product. Holding F8, open the program. A question box appears asking if you are sure you want to reset to default, click yes.
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I have just dropped a bag full of fruit pulp into a jug three-quarters full of fruit juice.

Very sticky - as was the stove, the wall, the kitchen floor and the chair I was standing on - going to have a bath.

I mopped up the spilt* juice with the muslin that had been holding the seeds and squeezed it back into the bag. I'm going to boil it hard tomorrow.

*not off the floor; I'm not that brazen.

DW feeds

Feb. 15th, 2011 09:12 am
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I saw the announcement that feeds would have a link at the bottom of the content as well as the top, thought it would be useful, and then decided it wasn't working.

But it's here! No longer do I read a post, think that's interesting, and have to scroll back to click to the original and comments. Thank you Dreamwidth - ten minutes and I'm hooked.

Now I just need to get round to suggesting an internal wildcard search of feed names to reduce duplications.
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This year I realised that the Super Bowl is not baseball.
While watching Six Nations rugby.
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Lives of the Necromancers, by William Godwin

That is definitely going to be fed to the bunnies.
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I am resolved to not hide so much and post more: so Happy New Year to everyone. May 2011 be better than 2010 even if 2010 was good to you.
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This year I have managed to find my copy of the canon, instead of buying a new one.

On a train

Nov. 22nd, 2010 12:22 pm
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from York to Peterborough coming back from Squee.

15 min free wifi. V slow
Yuletide assignment is here.

I don't think I can risk typing more.

Happy Monday!
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The promised Yuletide letter

Saiyuki Gaiden )
Xî yóu jì )
The Culture )
Chronicles of Amber )

Generally I like back story; one look at my previous requests should make that clear. And detail; I like the unraveling of a nitpicky point. Go on, surprise me!

Edited to add content to placeholder.

Also at (How do I get it to do this automatically? Anyone?)

Thanks for the suggestions. It worked.
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From XKCD for today - online communities 2.

The big version is here.

Look, a tiny Dreamwidth island!
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Experimentation in progress. Shouldn't be cluttering your friends list

[Poll #1620816]
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I really like the way that if there is a large image on my Dreamwidth reading page it doesn't affect the other entries on that page. It had got so bad on LJ that I'd set it to not display any images unless I clicked through.
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And it looks like the push will be the lowercase dates on this style.


Sep. 11th, 2010 11:55 pm
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I went out for a bike ride with C.

29 miles was a bit more than I was expecting.

I've got a preview! When did I get a preview? What did I change!?


Sep. 10th, 2010 02:52 pm
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It occurs to me that by importing my journal I may have created quite a lot of open-id journals on dreamwidth.

I know that by making open-id comments in the LJ news post I created a journal on LJ just by commenting - with no by-you-leave and logged out of the user I thought I was.

That's going to make the statistics meaningful <sarcasm off>
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