Nov. 20th, 2011

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Dear Writer

I solemnly promise to put something useful here once I've settled on my requests and offers. Something about my general likes in fiction.

So many fandoms...

I think I shall procrastinate by putting my earlier Yuletide woks on AO3.

Discworld - Terry Pratchett with Carrot Ironfoundersson  Angua von Uberwald

I think I'd like to know how their relationship, personal and/or professional, develops, or not, down the years. How long does a werewolf live anyway? Or a dwarf by adoption? If you'd rather focus on one incident, that's fine.

Canterbury Tales - Geoffrey Chaucer
no characters selected

Well, I'd like another tale by another pilgrim, but that is immensely greedy. So banter between pilgrims about existing tales, extensions told privately one pilgrim to another (perhaps the wife of Bath has more to say less publicly), a pilgrim with a tale that they are too shy to tell or their private thoughts on those that are told. What about pilgrims' discussion with their family before they left, or their reports on return. Perhaps they retold a tale with many amendments for their children, but not too skilfully.
I hope you can tell I'd be pleased with pretty much anything.

Saiyuki Gaiden
I really , really want to know more about the bureaucracy in heaven. Do they have action plans? SMART targets? Professional development? Does the Merciful Goddess hold appraisal meetings? I may have been exposed to too much management theory in my life; Is this where it all came from?
If you don't find corporate-speak funny. I quite understand, there just needs to be more of the Gaiden world.

Last of the Wine - Mary Renault  Thalia Alexias
How did they mourn Lysis?


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